VAT INCREMENT? Take note Ghana Remembers

What is a promise? According to Cambridge dictionary “it is the act of saying that you will CERTAINLY do something”. Certainly, also known as surety or unquestionable truth is something that has been overlooked and made to mean the opposite as an African.

It is imperative to note that promises are what each uncouth politician in the subregion use during their psychic rallies when elections are drawing nigh. We have seen such uselessness in almost every administration that has sort to rule this country to their own egotistical gains. They have reduced their pot-bellied in an oversized suit, as professional beggars and pick pockets. Robbing the steppe pockets of the populace seem to be the raison d’être of these “honorable” officers.

The two political giants in this country have taken the nation for fools and this has to stop. Citizens wake up to cheek filled vuvuzelas polluting the airwaves with the venom harvested from bellies of a pregnant fish. There is always a reason for some imprudent decision taken. They start “well you can ask them if they never did it whiles they were in power”. Such sassiness; displaying the lack of tissue in their skulls. We already know the other was shady that’s why we sought for you to lead the mole through the day but rather you have turned out to be the mother mole walking majestically in the daylight along the N1 highway.

1 District 1 Factory (p.10 NPP 2016 manifesto) halted? 1 Village 1 Dam especially in the Northern part of the country (p. 17 NPP manifesto), never seen the light of day. The Zongo Development fund (pp. 21-22); the minister for this sector is also the MP for a Zongo community and nothing has been done in his community even.

Let’s talk about section B of NPP’s Economic Policy Direction (pp. 6-7). This section talks only about reducing taxes and VAT to as low as 3% for micro and small enterprises. Most of the subsections also talk about abolishing VAT in its entirety. The reason given in the manifesto is that: “The ensuing increase in production and economic growth, arising from a streamlining as well as the elimination and reduction of some of these taxes, will more than compensate for any temporary revenue shortfall.” Why defuse the integrity of this promise and do virtually the opposite of what you said whiles coming into office?

The dollar still running with the strength of the cheetah and the cedi behind it like Bolt’s final race. Increasing tax will be suicidal to the Ghanaian people. Don’t tell us pay more taxes so I get enough money to implement the free SHS policy. We didn’t bargain for this. Don’t throw it at us otherwise we will pounce on you and your people like the Lion on its prey. Do as your said you would with your competent and bloated squad.

Using a title in Game of Throne ‘The North remembers”. I bet you H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo ‘Ghana remembers’ so don’t take us for fools


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