University of Ghana Students embarking on Developmental Projects

Students of the Department of Theatre Arts, majoring in Theatre for Development, University of Ghana have bestowed upon themselves the challenging task of moving from community to community with the sole aim of contributing to holistic development by providing assistance to some underprivileged towns and villages with some of their essential need.
It is worth noting that, Theatre for Development (TfD) although largely underrated by many, has over the years proven to be a vital tool for creating awareness and causing development in many sphere’s of life and social advancement at large for decades.
This year’s edition started within the Abokobi township.
It’s sole aim was the creation of awareness towards sanitation practices and to entrench the strict cautions sanctioned towards using the landfill site which has been closed temporarily until further notice.
The project facilitator deserve commendation for their relentless effort towards aiding the government’s aim to make Accra clean again.
That being said, the TfD project also sort to throw light on how equally imperative it was for the central government and it’s local agencies to either provide or create conducive avenues for the locals to acquire some employable skills or vocational training to help them earn some decent income, improve their livelihoods and also empower them to be on the look out for the tidiness of their immediate environs.
In the light of this, the next project was held in another predominantly Ga-speaking community, Osu, Accra.
The motivation for this was also to champion training programs for the inhabitants on some basic and advance baking skills.
This empowerment-inspired project contributed though insignificantly marginal, towards lowering the exceedingly high rising rate of youth unemployment. This was in indirect accordance with the president’s agenda for creating jobs and reducing unemployment to the barest minimum.
In the wake of cleaning the capital and creating jobs, the budding exuberance of night life within the various capital cities is one that can’t go unnoticed considering how the high contraction rate of HIV/AIDs is becoming a creeping menace.
This phenomenon prompted the need for another awareness project to be executed in such a delicate field.
In so doing, Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West region was our next stop.
This tailored project sort to create the necessary awareness and provide practical advice to the people about the canker. There was an avenue for the folks to get tested for the virus and a counseling unit to provide free advisory service to both affected and unaffected persons . General consensus after the exercise was largely victorious and encouraging but with a little dent as one individual tested positive.
That notwithstanding, we carved a slogan which doubled as a Hashtag, “Fight Aids not Victims” (#FightAidsNotVictims). This hashtag was inspired by our quest to help all affected persons who battle a lot of social injustice and neglected during such delicate times, mainly due to lack of proper education about the disease.
The bus took off again and stopped at Oda where the group championed another theme dubbed ‘Maintenance culture and Self Reliance’.
The project contributed towards raising funds and supervised in the painting of Asuboa JHS. The project imbued in the lads the importance of maintaining their facilities and also relying on themselves rather than the government or any other external person or organizations to come to their aid.
The wheel of development and impartation are in motion again this week.
‘Reading clinic in wheels’ is the theme for the next project.
Young pupils of the Salvation Army Basic School at Hehekpoe in the Volta Region of Ghana is the next stop. The hashtag here is ‘Readers Today Leaders Tomorrow’ (#ReadersTodayLeadersTomorrow). This initiative is to equip the young citizens within the community about the relevance of employing the culture of reading so they can grow their respective intellects and in turn mature into great/influential citizens in the near future.
The next stop for the semester will be in Kumasi where two (2) big projects will be taking place. The first, which is giving first hand entrepreneurial skills to the youth of the Ashanti region and the second which is known by the name ‘Project Bantama’. It will be much appreciated if the efforts of these students are noticed and supported. This way, they can go on touching and transforming lives in the country and the slogan of the now government, a Ghana beyond aid will be realized.
It is our prayer that these projects yield the needed results for a better Ghana looking to prosper beyond Aid.
Special thanks to all the sponsors and contributors of this initiative.
Your resources pushed into these life changing projects will not be in vain.
God bless our homeland Ghana

Students and Teachers during the performance

Students and staff from the School of Performing Arts


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