Do Ghanaian leaders really have conscience?

The question is do Ghanaian leaders really have conscience? This question has been lingering in mind for some time now. It seems we incessantly luck such species of people within our political dispensation as a country. Quite similar to a double sided balance, they are either ‘senseless’ or filled with pure evil and selfishness. One might curiously ask, why I say this? Well for corruption centred conversations, I side with the school of thought that opines that corruption it’s in their deeply rooted heart infection. So is it’s accomplice, power which easily breeds abuse of authority … hmmm!. We always turn deaf ears to some of the things they do but it’s rather unfortunate that they prey on such ‘carelessness’ and act imprudently. The salaries of some public servants are outrageous to say the least – one that easily be confused for the budget for organisation. The chairman of the Economic Committee once promised emphatically that this menace was going to be curtailed, but like many other empty emergency promises this exercise never saw the light of day.
The atomic junction gas explosion which occurred on Saturday 7th October, 2017 has left the street lights on that part of the road that stretches from the junction of the where the incident occurred all through to the University of Ghana inefficient till date. The incident happened approximately two (2) months ago but a blind eye has been turned to it until maybe another casualty occurs as a result of that. Presence in the secured area is the Ghana police a customized tent of theirs has been setup to monitor the area for an extended period of time. The National Disaster and Management Organisation (NaDMO) is also present as their stands can clearly be seen when plying the Haatso-Atomic road. These two main institutions presumably have turned blind eyes to this eventuality though they are major commuters of that particular route . Just as the Akans put it, ‘w))mo ayi w)n ani s3 opanyi a wata no’ translating as ‘they have turned away their eyes as though an elderly person who habitually farts in public’. I know for a fact that some MPs and ministers of state ply the same route and are vividly aware of this casualty but well who cares?
NaDMO per their mission is an organisation that is mandated to manage disaster or better still look out for disaster prone areas in order to provide solutions to combat and cease them before an eventual escalation. But this isn’t the case in this scenario. The container at atomic junction is opened with at least one personnel in it either facebooking or maybe perhaps writing a report for the organisation by constantly fidgeting his phone.
The condition is very pathetic as all indication suggests that we’re only marking time in anticipation of another disaster to befall as an upshot of the darkness generated in that expanse for over 2 months now. It is no secret that most inhumane leaders feed on disasters and other unfortunate circumstances of national concern to score cheap political points. This they always achieve by making a statutory showing at the venue just to voice out vague promises. An unfortunate phenomenon that happens every day in this part of the world.
Driving in the dark is as dangerous for the pedestrian as the driver. Not everything is perceptible to the driver even with their highlights on. The need for contiguous lights to foil theirs is apt and of the essence. Research has shown that majority of regular pedestrian usually negotiates on the risk of being on the drivers’ blind spot by perceiving that the driver is aware of his/her presence and intention to cross and this more often that not ends up cataclysmically. There is an alarming number of reported cases from University of Ghana students mostly girls being robbed and knifed in broad day light by plying this endangered route. What beholds them in the darkness that has now become a toast of the day?
The Legon District Electricity Company and that of the Kwabenya District have equally turned a blind eyes to this worrying situation. The predominant notices this body serves us with are that of light outs due to maintenance work. Inversely, that of the atomic junction have never provoked the need for immediate action. Do they ever do anything right?. My opinion will always be the least popular when such an important entity struggles with the seamless distribution of bills to consumers. My prove, I am yet to receive my bills after over 4months of consistent consumption. Sigh!. Should a complain be lodged, the heads always find a way to apportion blames to the defense less boys at the final tip of distribution chain the the bills. Really? We need to sit up as a nation. We need to behave like the ants since we have assumed the role of ‘lazy’ and uncouth individuals.
For now I know majority of the leaders we have empowered enjoy their seats in the comfort of their offices thinking about themselves and how to maintain their lavish lifestyle. The masses only then become an issue of relevance during campaign season with their tails in between their legs and pitiable face begging for votes. Ghanaians, the country is ours and as the good orator said “let’s not be spectators but citizens”. Let’s come together to make things right for our own betterment and forget the greedy folks impregnated with big stomach promises.


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