Today we celebrate our first black president’s birthday, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This day was set aside to sort of look back at the achievements of this great leader and thus to eulogise him. This was just to say thank you to him and to all founders in the country who in one way or the other have contributed to the Growth and developmemt of this country. To all such persons we say ayekoooo. 

For some months now there have been this struggle as to who to actually credit for our independence. The president of the republic says 4th August is to be the new Founders day. Because to him that was the day the struggle for independence began. The 21st September on the other hand was made Founder’s day because of the fact that that was the day in history the the first black President of Ghana was born. Well you can fault his arguement and neither can that of the 21st September be faulted. But if the idea behind the 4th August thing is to have some member of his family celebrated then i think Mr.  President should go back to the drawing board on that. 

The need to celebrate some people in our part of the world to some people is just to eulogise their heros. We have used this as an opportunity to celebrate a whole lot of people and as a result have numerous holidays even to some extent celebrate people who we do not even know. The economist will say scarcity is what makes things important in the world today. Therefore in order to really value things it has to be scarce. So why then do we go against such an important principle and are always looking for new reasons to make people unproductive. Elsewhere people work 24/7 just to keep up and we are looking for more was to rest. Quiet an irony isn’t it? 

Remembring our past heros and heroine is good and will give us the ability to recast our minds back to what patriotism really means as a nation as our immediate past president says it is something that we lack as a nation. When it must be done then it must be done well and for that reason we should do things the right way either thank just going for the obvuous shoddy work.

As we are all brought together by this we should then put aside our differences in politics and tribe and help build a country that our children will appreciate in the near and far future. When we hide behind our political and tribal affiliation and debunk outrightly some prudent work on the basis that we do not agree on its origin then we are not ready and prepared to celebrate any of our forebearers. It is only by coming together that we can reach that enviable height. 

Lets forget politics, forget tribe, forget language, forget our level of education, bury our egos marry our differences and build our country for the betterment of our future. These are all differences and results from post-colonial effects that we have to outlive so as to develop. 

As Shumacher said ‘Development does not start with the provision of goods and services but rather starts with people and their EDUCATION, ORGANIZATION and DISCIPLINE without these three prerequisite resources remain latent and untapped potentials‘. This is topic for another day.  Enjoy the holiday. 

#Ghana #Foundersday #KwameNkrumah


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