One District One Factory off to a flying start in HO – H.E Akuffo Addo keeping to his promise

The Volta regional minister- Mr Archibald  has cut the sword for  the construction of the Kente village. This village is purported to be complete with a 4 year time span. This will serve as an industrial hub for Kente weavers  within the Agortime district and beyond. 

The project is estimated at a cost of GH¢2.4m. The minister echoed in an address to the press that, this initiative is in line with the vision of the president as well as his promise of providing jobs to the people. He also commended the people of Agortime for maintaining their cultural stance in showcasing their rich handicrafts through exhibitions during the Kente festival. 

The people of Agortime on the other hand also warmed up to this news with good heart and promised to make sure the Kente village pays a prominent role in revenue generation for the country. 

The people of Ghana look in with anxious eyes on how the promises of His excellency N.A.D.A.A are going to be fulfilled.

 It is my personal wish that, the beauty tune of a one district, one factory would not start and end with this futuristic initiative in the Agortime district. 

Our maintenance culture should be apt in these industrial times too because they’ll come in very handy.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

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