State of The Nation Address of the republic of Ghana is meant to enlighten the citizenry the true nature of the country economy and state of affairs of the country. 

This has in my point of view have not been the case for some time now.  We are often been lied to. Most often when there is a new government the state of the nation is painted as bad as ever but then the previous government also believes that they have left the best of the state as the met it. 

HE Nana Addo will be will be delivering his maiden SONA on 21st February, 2017. I pray and hope that the faith that this country have had in them during the just ended elections will prompt him and his administration on bee  Frank with us.  I pray they don’t throw dust into our eyes by just coming to paint the SONA black to save their own face. 

Due diligence is better than making false allegations just to create negative impression of the previous government. 

We all know some member of the previous government were corrupt, we also know the some stole state funds, we also know some of their projects were overstated in the budget, we also know that some of the guys presumed stollen are said to have been bought been the members of the just ended administration. 

What we want to hear is where we are going afterwards. We should not dwell too much on the past as it my blind us on our path to the future. 
We have hope in every decision u take but be careful not to be a dead goat to our plight as 4years is not a century away. 


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