A first year student of Achimota SHS dies: GES and Ministry of Education must reform some rules in schools

Kevin2 Kofi Moses Dead Achimota Student

One evening sitting by the Television watching news, i was reminded of some horrors that students go through. The first year student who died at Achimota is something that should be seriously looked into by the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education.

The mother of the child said in an interview that her son had phone home that he wasn’t feeling well and was going for an exeat to go home so he could go to the hospital but was denied by the house master. She said she was later phone that her son had been rushed to the hospital. This is something that is happens very often in the Senior High Schools. Some 5 years ago when I was in school we thought that maybe the housemaster thought we would steal their signatures that was why they would not sign for us to either go home or to the hospital.

This is a sad news and my condolence to the mother and the family of the bereaved. I thought and still think that housemasters are supposed to be our parents in school but in some cases they don’t act as such. They often use certain experiences to cloud their judgment as to how their to act.

I am one person who have been a first hand witness to this misfortune but it took the grace of God and the bravery of a friend to save me. I never took exeats and even if i do take one I would be sent back to school the following day by my father. So one day when sick I decided to take exeat to the hospital precisely Dodowa hospital but was denied. I manage to get my hands on some pain killers from some friends which lasted for about four days. The sickness became worse that I could not even go to school. I was very weak in bed and so it was even a trouble going to the washroom to ease myself. A friend who happened to have left class for a book in the dormitory saw me and hurriedly rushed me to the hospital without any exeat. The doctor and his nurses were furious i had to wait to this point before coming to the hospital. As sick as I was I kept my cool and lied down as the drips were put on me. The doctor said that i was lucky and that the sickness which was malaria was eating into my system slowly.

With this experience I’ve come to the notion that it is rather unfortunate for people in whose hands our lives have been placed to juggle it around like that. How much is a ‘signature’ appended on an exeat compared to the life of a human being.

I strongly believe that some policies should be made to curb this from happening again. I doubt it if this boys case as well as mine are the only ones by then i believe there are countless ones that no one hears about.

If truly there is something as human right as well as child right, Ministry of Education and Ghana education service and that these institutions are not money making institutions but rather welfare institutions then they should rise up and put a stop to this mutiny.

#GES #MinistryofEducation #HumanRights


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