Anybody who will try to discredit the EC should be sent to the ASYLUM!

We are going to the polls on Wednesday 7th December,2016. The question in the minds of most people is, what next?

There have been many circumstances where journalist have stated emphatically clear that Ghanaians are in general peaceful and as such nothing is bound to happen during and after the elections. This is very debatable. Most countries who have experienced political and civil wars also have these perceptions about their countries but in the end, well i think sometimes one needs to find out for themselves. Watching ‘Sometimes in April’ made me realize that no one is safe and optimism does not work everywhere.

I know Ghana is a peace loving nation, a religious nation and people also say most ‘fearos’ come from this country. But then i beg to differ in the sense that when you have not had it up to your neck you cant really tell how strong you can hold yourself back. I think we should leave nothing to chance and as such should not over look certain minute things.

I had the opportunity to witness the training of the electoral officers for the 7th December polls and i bet you it was one tight lesson. The electoral commission is doing all it can to make sure that this year’s elections become a violent free election and as such has put in place many strategies to curb all these happenings from tempering with our electoral process and our peace. I for one trust the commission and i believe that that is all the commission needs from each and everyone of us so that this year’s election will be an enviable one on the international front.

I believe in the justice system of this country and i can assure you that taking the law into your own hands will rather worsen the case for you and so we should all be on guard and report anything that we think isn’t lawful to the right authorities.

Many people are trying their possible best to make the Electoral Commission look bad without any cause. I say any body who does that is a demented and has to be taken to the asylum for treatment. The officials of the commission are in no way corrupt if we ourselves are not corrupt. This is because no matter how well a team come play a football match, the very moment they lose their cool with the referee they lose their tactics and lose the game as well.

It is my prayer that we not only believe in the process that the Commission is doing but we trust in the Commission as well. Because no ‘Wise man will raise his hand on his wife that he trust’. Ghana is the only place that we have.





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