Today the topic or book under reveal was the School of Performing Arts Journal 2015/2016 and there has been a lot of controversies arising from it.

Before i continue with today’s topic under discussion lets quickly take our minds back what transpired yesterday. Yesterday was basically each individual coming out with a topic for their research and for discussion as well. Some of these were ‘Reasons behind documentations of stage productions of the of Theatre Arts from 2013-2015′ by Dr Samuel Benagr. ‘Tones and notes as well as the use of melodies by some Ghanaian Artists’ by Mr. Benjamin Amakye Boateng. ‘Ways by which different cultural dances will be inculcated into having one language’ by Mrs Rashida Rousario and many other topics such as Transligualiity’, ‘Reflexivity’, ‘Film making’ and many more.

OK so today as the School of Performing Arts journal for last year was put under review and discussion, one of the PHD students from Glasgow asked why the book was in the English language. She followed up with how this affects other stakeholder of the journal who can’t read the English language These questions were posed to the Editor of the journal and since he wasn’t present at that time some of the members present tried defending it. They said that it happened this way because English is the official language of Ghanaians.

The editor Dr. Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor also came in and when posed with the question he also agrees that that question needs to be reechoed into. He said it was something he came to meet and so had no other option but to conform to it. He also stated emphatically that he has been fighting the university based on this notion for some time now. Saying ‘how can English proficiency be one of the basis on which one gets entry into the university’.

He also noted that he remembers when in primary school pupils are forced not to speak their mother tongues and in the long-run turn to forget them out-rightly. He also made a very vital point saying that in Ghana ‘intellectualism is measured as per how eloquent you speak the English language’.

He said that most of the times he sit at home laughing at our so-called policy makers who care less about the culture of their own people. In that they only call in performers when they have guest from other countries so as to show them the culture of this country and refer to them as those people. He also noted that we should not blame our colonizers anymore in that what have our leaders done so far to correct what was done. Saying this he referenced that the colonial master created our educational system so as to train us as clerical officers to help them exploit us to the maximum. Also he said that writing doing a particular research one can write them using our local dialect but then conform to the standards of academic writing.

Another senior Lecturer of the Dance Department said that ‘Ghanaian knowledge dwells in Ghanaian language’. This to me was the most powerful point ever made. He also said that we should not allow any anthropologist from the Western world to interpret our language for us since they might not understand it to the fullest.

The argument as to what should be our Lingua Franca has been there for ages and will continua to be there. This is because any attempt to choose any of our local languages will or can cause chaos. Since one party might feel superior as compared to the other cultures and or tribes.

This debate still remains and we will still continue to be colonized and controlled by the owners of the language as long as we continue using it.

This evening at 7pm there is going to be a dance performance as part of the seminar. The piece is entitled ‘POSITICE DEFIANCE’ choreographed by Master Julius Quansah a National Service Personnel of the Dance Department. at the Efua T. Sutherland Drama Studio. You wont want to miss out.




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