Today was the second day of the seminar between the School of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana and the University of Glasgow. 

Just a recap of what happened yester-night; Uncle Juju graced the occasion with his musical version of the ‘Marriage of Anansewa’ written by Efua Theodore Sutherland. It was awesome as always how he made music out of lines from a script and to make sense as it is.

So today both lecturers of the school and foreigners on the campus presented their research topics and how they want to go by them. It was pretty awesome to have graced that event. 

Mr. Benjamin Amakye Boateng came in with his research topic been based on the way Ghanaians mess around with melodies as well as toner. He makes reference to the fact that when one says ‘La’ in a low tone or note it means fire in ‘Ga’ and in a high tone or note it is a note in music. He brought up many foods for taught.

One of the PHD students from Glasgow also came out with the with Reflexivity and another with Translinguality.

Mrs Rashida Rousario also spoke about a research she is pioneering about the use of different dance from different cultures of the country to create one uniform language.

Dr. Bernagr also spoke about his research been about why and the essence of documentation of theatre production in the Drama Studio from 2013 to 2016. Looking at ‘It runs in the Family’, ‘Twelfth Hearth’ and ‘Vagina Monologues’.

Although I miss the beginning of today’s event I enjoyed really enjoyed the second half of it. Hope to see you there tomorrow.



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