1.9810499There has been much talk about Ama Ata Aidoo walking out of an event organized in her honour and this is virtually true. I was a witness to this incident. She came in all happy and I was also happy to see the legend for the first time. This is because I have been wanting to see the creator of ‘Ato and Eulalie’ in the play ‘Dilemma of a Ghost’. I first came into contact with this awesome piece when I was in level 200. It was one of the projects for one Directing student name Benjamin Maributoot Boare which I was to stare in it as ‘Bird o the wayside’ and as ‘Boy’. We were told she, thus Ama Ata Aidoo might be passing through one of the days but this was a dust thrown in our eyes by the director or perhaps she decided not to come. I was very disappointed.

So this time was I was called to come to event to prepare for this same play I was extremely happy because I said to myself, this is the time to finally meet the legend and ‘take selfies’ with her. I was so happy when she came in and at that point I was super nervous as to how she is going to take the role I was about playing to her face. Was she going to enjoy it? Am I going to get hugs from her? These and several questions run up and down in my head. She was all happy and making friends with some of the guests outside the room. To my surprise she told them to take her back making it obvious that her name on the banner had been wrongly written. This made me more nervous as to if she comes back how is she going to enjoy the piece after all?

To my surprise this issue had become new the following day and virtually every news agency around is interested in it. Just because her daughter took to social media to make her mum’s grievance known. I taught the media could at least commend the organizers thus CEGENSA foe a good work done rather than just talk about the ills of the event. Yes I know the organizers didn’t do so well with the miss-spelt name but then the event still went on successfully. With poetry performance from one of Ghana’s best NANA ASAASE with his piece AMA for Ama Ata Aidoo although she was not there to enjoy the beautiful piece. Abibigromma also came in with a little piece from her play ‘Dilemma of a Ghost’.

What I had wanted the news to be full of was the best short story for that event. This piece was titled ‘BAKED CAKES’ written by Nana Yaa Asantewaa Darko. This perhaps is the piece I have ever heard. It was read at the event by the Director of Abibigromma resident Theatre Group of the School Of Performing Arts Dr. Ekua Ekuma. I thought everyone could write but then after hearing baked cakes I realized this lady was a genius. The story is about early and arranged marriages in the Northern part of Ghana and reasons accounting for the ever growing population of the middle belt and the southern part of Ghana. A girl after knowing that she’s been married off runs for home with help from her little sister. When morning breaks and the dad finds out that the big sister had ran away, he then takes steps into using the little sister instead since she’s also a girl. She pretends to be happy tells everyone she was going to tell her friends with the intention of running away. Her mum noticing this bid her farewell and told her to hurry for the bus would be leaving soon.

This is what the media should have perhaps grab hold of and celebrate the author of this fine piece instead of making so much fuss about someone leaving an event in her honour. All those lambasting CEGENSA should first try and perhaps organize a drink up and when it becomes successful should now come out and say whatever they like. Ones again I say well done to NANA YAA ASANTEWAA DARKO for emerging the winner with 74 other contestants.



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