The Ghana National Fire Service is an agency that people say is by calling. Service to nation they say is service to God. But then what is]f the service will lead to your death. I had decided not to pour out my feelings on the matter but this is bad very bad. How can a nation be so unconcerned about the well-being of its populace? It’s awful as they sometimes have to use their own monies to buy their uniforms. To fight fire is enough of a burden to them to think about than to add the burden of thinking about their uniforms as well. Fire service personnel are supposed to be given allowances pertaining to their rent and this is also not given to them. This is torture.

During an interview with the Ag. PRO of the GNFS by Captain Smart on Adom fm he said that all the equipment to his knowledge has might has been dispatched to all the localities but he could not confirm that this was actually done. All what he saying was based on speculations. Something was said by the panel and that is what I so believe is the problem that Ghana is facing in general. They said ‘that when gets better opportunities in an agency he forgets about where he is from’. This is to mean when foot soldiers become managers they no longer care for their fellow foot soldiers and therefore does nothing to better their lives or working conditions.

The interview brought another thing to light. An equipment known as the breathing apparatus bought by the GNFS that was supposed to be installed to provide oxygen in the bottles or tanks of the firemen in the advent of fighting fire had broken down. Without these machines firemen are long run cause infections of the lungs or cancer. These same firemen putting their lives on the line are not on any health insurance with the service. They are only on the National health insurance or not. Even this insurance s not working to the standard to which it was meant for and also one hazardous disease they face is cancer and that is not even on covered but the health insurance. It’s quiet a sorry sight for our own people killing themselves for the nation to go through this ordeal.

We often see teachers going on strike yes this is as bad even bad than teachers working condition but they never go on strike or demonstration not that I have seen. The PRO also admitted to the fact that most of the GNFS personnel are resigning due to some of these failed services. Just take a look at this, in a country where there are no jobs and also with an embargo on employment placed by the commander in chief of the Ghana arm forces, with the highest unemployment rate and still having people with jobs resigning form the service shows how serious their situation is.

I won’t say take heart because God is in control and condone wicked acts I will say if they get any avenue or employment available they should take it and leave the force because they haven’t been able to save any burning house not that I know off. But seriously we need to help them cos they are working for all of us.



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