Is Electricity of Ghana for sale? This is what cannot be answered although certain personnel I mean authority figures in the country have tried to answer but has still not given a definite answer even the President H.E. John Dramani Mahama. When he was asked this same question he left the matter hanging and rather spoke about the Vodafone instead. Saying when it was sold it has benefited the nation far more than when it was owned by the state. But then the question is, ‘Is ECG for SALE? Who is in the right position to answer this question accurately for us?

As an individual I think it is right if government takes polices that will best benefit every individual in the country. So is the sale of ECG going to benefit the nation? And on what basis is it been sold? Is it that the ECG is bankrupt or the issue is has to do with the management of the ECG? 

From my personal investigations I think the ECG is never bankrupt due to the reason been that people are not paying their bills but I believe most of the problem comes from the ECG themselves. I visited ECG in my district to make out enquires so as to do a little investigations. I was transferred to a particular room and I saw that they have their daily target and also weekly target set for each district. I was curious but never asked any questions as to the reason behind the target posted on the wall of the room next to what looked like the bosses table. As I went on asking questions about the billing system that had gone wrong with my house I go to find out that during the latter part of 2015 we were debited twice on double occasions as we went paid our bills. This got me thinking and in then realized that this can be the main reason why ECG is bankrupt. The Electricity Company of Ghana is bankrupted and saying that most people owe a wholesome of money to them because of this issue of double debiting. 

I have reason to believe that in light to this ECG is trying hard as possible to cover up for this debt by increasing the billing rate so as to cater for some double debit that cannot be retrieved from the populace.

Talking about the issue of management also I think the ECG has failed in terms of bills delivery to homes and money collection. As at 2016 we first a bill for our house getting to the latter part in much thereby making us pay for a bill for 50days. This was not to be so. This problem I must say is from the management perspective. Also most often you have their ‘foot soldiers’ as in the bill delivery guys working lackadaisically such that they deliver the bills as and when they want to which is also wrong. Yet we have some of these same workers going on demonstration to avoid the sale of ECG.

I think as Ghanaians if everyone do what they they are to do diligently no one will be forced to sell public or state property in order to keep it from collapsing. 

What can really cause things to work with the ECG? Should it be sold or more stringent measures needs to be put in place to avoid some of these things?

Thank you. Till we meet again let’s keep the praying for Ghana. 

#GhanaMustWorkAgain #IloveMyCountry



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