BREXIT: What next? next to everything in the world? The people who taught us integration are having problems and leaving their union so what does that leave us, we the students. The whole world began to ask questions upon questions as to how and why the people of the United Kingdom voted to opt out of a 43 year old relationship. I guess they got tired of it and threw in the towel. Sometimes it is necessary to throw in towel when need be. But is it the right thing to do at the time and era?

I thought that all these integration started because of the two world wars caused by Germany and so these unions were supposed to keep us safe and also help us economically as a united front. Everything went in dismay as Brexit referendum, we had the stock market in dismay as foreign investors were not sure if Europe or even Britain was safe for their investment. Most Analyst predicted that nothing was going to happen but the opposite happened.

There  has been a slight shift in the stock market and then one wonders what next. What is this going to leave the rest of the world and other activities aside the economy. Is the EPL going to be affected? What about the on going Euro cup.

Some might say Brexit is not such a big deal as the world is taking it but sure i truly agree because it might be an eye opener and no cause for alarm at all. But i really like the fact that David Cameron resign. He is a man of his word. His vote into power was based on the fact that he is going to strengthen and use the EU to build and help Britain as a result. With this vote it seemed as if the people had voted a vote of no confidence and so as a result he had to leave office. This is just simple if you voted for me because of my policies and later in my administration you think my policies are no more useful or useless then in simple terms I am useless and so i leave. That’s just it. Salute Cameron.

But then i hope everything gets back to normal.

God Bless Ghana and God Bless the World.


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