The Twin Disaster


A tragic event that caused a standstill in the country. This was the second time I have fully witnessed a stand still. The first which I witnessed was the death of our former president HE john Evans Fiifi Attah Mills. This day will forever remain in my memories as it could have happened to and you reading this right now. The day of the twin disaster in Ghana. Whenever there is the mention of disaster, one will picture the western world. There they always face Tsunami’s, landslides, earthquakes and all sort of accidents that one could think of. The only time Africa or Ghana is to be mentioned on the internal stage will be when there are talks about corruption, poverty, famine and all sort of things that arise from improper administration works. This it’s different. Instead of people running to water to quench the fire outbreak they were rather running to their doom.

Fire and water collaborated to give the nation what we termed black Wednesday. One had nowhere to run to as water accommodated fire on its surface the fire on the surface burns whatever it touches whiles the water also drowns everyone in its belly. Destroying properties, cooking humans and roasting them as food was what was happening. All you could smell from the atmosphere was good flagrance of human flesh been roasted and our ears also suffering from the buzzing cries of the old young, infant, pregnant, hawker, banker, trader, driver and passengers wailing for help from this joint force.

Also as I said earlier this day will never be forgotten since I recollect everything I also went through that day. On the second of June I was happen when I woke up because it was my Dads birthday. We had our morning devotion and everyone prepared and left for the work. I went to campus as we the student leaders of out student association had decided to spend a month on campus planning for the next academic year. Also I had rehearsals to attend this rehearsals was for laimomo, a performance to come off on the 24th June 3, 2015 at Alliance Francaise.

After everything I decided to come home at 6pm but the rains said otherwise. So I stayed at the office with some executives for the rains to settle before we leave for our homes. At around 12am we decided to leave no matter what because the lights had gone off and also we had to come to campus the following the day. Those who resided on campus went to their halls and Julius and I who had to go off campus come to the junction to board a vehicle to go homes. We stood in the cold weather with rain drizzling for almost an hour so we decided to walk to atomic junction since we thought that it could a very good place to get a vehicle. We walked from about the 15 minutes in the heavy drizzles. The first stop at atomic junction was flooded with water and drivers plying the road who had no idea of the situation at hand almost had an accident since they were going at high speed. I went to stand at the Bernab filling station for another 30 minutes waiting for a taxi. I was lucky one came and I had to force to take dropping to the house.

I thought I was the only one experiencing a bad day but when I woke up the next day the screens of our TV was filled with images dead people. I got to realize that my ordeal was just a tip of the ice berg. I kept asking myself the same question over and over again thus if Bernab filling stations had also exploded what would I have done. I would also have been on the news either drowned or roasted by fire.

3rd June twin disaster is one that should not never be given the mandate to occur again.


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