How independent are we


Whenever such a question is raised we turn to jump into conclusion that we are absolutely free.  But how true is it? After claiming we have independence we’ve been made restless politically and economically. Doubts always sets in whenever the phrase “The black man is capable of handling is own affairs” sets in should this be so? Africa was the first ever continent of human habitation. So why then are we still suffering? It all boils down to our leadership. The overthrowing of Osagyefo has left an indelible mark on us and we have been suffering since. According to my lecturer right after independence it is said that Ghana took off the same way Malaysia, Britain and the rest. This virtually means after independence we had the industries and materials that these great nations also had when they were coming up. But as black as we are we destroyed all these and are still wallowing in poverty. We have politicians whose sole aim is to loot public funds rather than building infrastructure. It’s quite a pity how we value things and even degrade ourselves into been tossed to everywhere we see and smell public money.
We have been reduce to the status of a colonised country just because we are been economically ruled by these supposed Western countries.  It is my prayer that our leaders who are currently serving as our new colonial masters rethink their status and realise it’s not wise to behave like the way they are doing and have a change of heart and mind.
I recommend they all come and watch # ALUTA_CONTINUA and #perpetua at the Efua T. Sunderland drama studio on the university of Ghana campus. LET’S ALL CONTRIBUTE OUR QUOTA TO HELPING CHANGE GHANA.

Kwaku Adinkra


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