I go to the Madina branch of ADB today to pay for a friend’s national service and I get a shitty response from the Teller,  Teller number 3 to be precise. She’s all angry and I just don’t know whether she hates her job or what but then she lacks courtesy.
She got angry when the guy I  front of me gave her the slip without the money. She was like “why would you give me the slip without the money” from behind I was like how on earth would can he know he is supposed to give you something you’ve not asked for is he in your head.” My turn Comes and she blows it at my face that I can only pay for just one person an would have to join the cue again  in order to pay for the others. I didn’t like the idea but then I took it cool.  What gets me passed off is when she tells me I can’t continue the process because at the depositors name I should rather write the name of the person I’m paying for and not my name. I get passed off, since I am the depositor for crying out loud. Who else is the depositor than the person myself doing good the payment. This time every body gets angry since they are all told the same ‘stupid’ stuff by this mean Teller.  She then looks on to one guy and then from I inside her desk replies this young man “Are u the one to teach me what to do”. I get all angry about the whole issue and started to write a blog about it.  So then excuse my language if you find it offensive.  But then I care less ‘cos the right thing needs to be done.
ADB should get for this lady  the 21st century bank teller book for her to read and perhaps she might change from her ways.  Till then Goodbye ADB let’s all help Ghana #iamforchange #Ghanamustworkagain

Kwaku Adinkra


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