I get confused most of the time about some of the things that we tend to do. Most of the time we prefer to making a scene to get heard than actually making an effort to get heard by those in authority.  Nine-tenth of the time we have people going about shouting about things that could have been said in doors.
Almost every time we here demonstrations upon demonstrations where does it leave us as a country.  Yesterday it says ‘trotro’ drivers today its teachers tomorrow its judges. Do we ever learn. Are we sure these leaders actually give a nickel about what we are saying out there. I really believe in sitting down with a clear conscience and reaching a mutual agreement. If mutual agreement can’t be reached then making so much farce about it in town. This is time wasting and draws back productivity as workers ask are to be in the office are on the streets trying to get their woes out there.  This is in appropriate.
I also think that this could have been avoided if the authorities had done their work well and not put the fate of our country in the hands of some greedy people. We should try as a country and do the right things that will help the country.
As my mum said yesterday even if of people go on strike I will still go to the classroom and teach. This is because nothing better come out from it since the leaders go and fill their pockets and then tell them to to go back without resolving anything. As Ben Abdullah stated in his play ‘The Alien King‘ ‘I am the continum and hiatus is the anathema to my soul’. Going on demonstration or strikes won’t help anything. Let’s all come together whether opposition or ruling so we can make Ghana work.
Thank you.

Kwaku Adinkra


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