Ghana’s Hope

pattersonNine-tenth of the time we tend not to appreciate the good and idealist in the society. We are always keen on talking about politics which mostly leads to misunderstanding although we earn nothing from that. It’s high time we turn our stethoscope from the head to the heart of the country where we can clearly hear the heart of the country beating.

I take this opportunity to say that this country Ghana is truly blessed with people keen to making sure that every individual gets the best of what the country is offering. There is this one lady that I have had the privilege of working for. She is brilliant and optimistic as well. She always wants to devise ways and means of helping deprived young girls through schooling. Although she has the needed qualifications necessary to get a good payable work in the States, she has moved down to Ghana to render services to the less privileged girls in the country. She has formed an Organisation known as the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, in short GEIG. Through this organisation she is currently sponsoring ten (10) young girls through the Junior High and two (2) others who are in the Senior high school. Some of these girls before going to school would have to sell on the streets or go to the farm early in the morning and sell the food stuffs before going to school. I know many would say in the early 1900s there also did same. But mind you those days are not the same as these modern times. How can such a person compete with someone having a private teacher at home after school? This is the gap that she is trying to breech with her NGO. Providing the kids with books and learning materials needed to make learning easy.

 She always says in her interview that every person no matter who you are has the right to receive good and proper education, thus Education for all.

Putting her heart and might to work she has made this possible. This is not an individual who is a billionaire or a millionaire neither is she a minister or a member of parliament taking huge sums of allowances, salaries and ex-gratia. She is in the person of Miss Elizabeth Patterson. Miss Patterson is also currently the 2015 Vlisco ambassador. She is blessed today with another year to her birth and she is worth been celebrated by the country.

For once let’s not get blinded by unnecessary arguments but rather with one accord help me say happy birthday to a life well lived so far. Let’s pray to that Miss Patterson be giving more years so she can continue her good works for the girls and mother Ghana as a whole. I think we can all come on board and help Miss Patterson help the kids. Let’s use our money to do good things and lend a helping hand to those who truly deserve it.

I am trying to do my little bit to help her. What about you?


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