Today in school a new term arose. This was not a planned or rehearsed thing. Some of us found ourselves on campus because there was ‘dumsor’ at our various homes. We sat at the Drama studio trying to power our laptops and use the WiFi the studio is providing. Usually if it weren’t on vacation, you could see dozens of people in the studio all using extension boards and powering about 5 laptops and countless phones at the go. But this time we are on vacation and so just a handful of us were around to use the limited sockets. Some guys also walked in seeking to use the sockets and seeing the situation we started talking; someone brought the topic about the Power Minister’s promise and everyone started laughing. He said “I thought the Power minister said dumsor was ending this week, the next word to come out of someone’s mouth was that this is a POLITICAL IRONY. An irony is when someone says something meaning the opposite of what they said. So in this case upon saying that Dumsor was going to end and we the citizenry been greeted with dumsor as early as 06:02 am, we saw his speech to be ironical.

Although we made fun and laughed about it, it is still an eyesore for an honorable minister to stand on air either on radio, on TV or in the papers to lie to the very people who put the power in his hand. We have every reason to believe that they are doing their possible best to solve the issue but that doesn’t give anyone the power or right to lie to us. Even if we do not deserve anything from them at least the truth will be okay.

So Mr Power Minister please get your facts right before you disgrace yourself again with this ‘political irony’ thing.


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