TV License

I always have wondered why we were been asked to pay TV license. the question I always asked myself was that: why are our politicians trying to exploit our money like that? But then upon speaking to someone from GTV office I got to know that the other television stations are just undermining the integrity of the countries national television station. It is rather unfortunate that we have laws in the country that are not been duly adhered to. It was brought to my attention that there exist laws that make the power vested in GTV very supreme but due to the fact that we have in one way tended death years to these laws it is now beckoning on the nation and GTV is suffering the consequence of the countries negligence.

OK so if Ghana television is so much in-need of money then why don’t we have all these private TV stations paying them some sort of license fee annually or better still since it is state own why don’t the state finance it? These have been some of the questions that come to mind if I ever see the advert of TV license. Privatizing GTV is not an option, all we need to do is make them feel free to do whatever they deem fit to in the media sense. We cannot as a people continue to suppress their power and want to see them give good productions. I think they should be given the chance to do things they deem fit rather than it always been a headache to even produce one production due to funds. Everything boils down to the fact that as Ghanaians we should try our possible best to manage things that have been put in our custody well for the betterment of the county at large. We should as citizens not have this lukewarm attitude to work just because its a government company. Lets all come together to help build our nation and make sure our names will live till eternity in the History books of Ghana.

TV license to me is a best idea but then we should know that IF we give in to paying TV license don’t we think in the near future we will be told to pay Laptop license, book license, pen license, and the like? Just think about it.


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