Chart of exchange rate values over time

above is the performance of the Ghana cedi from 2011

This is a country we live in where everyone is so frustrated with the economic situation and yet still we don’t see anyone doing anything about it. Here lies the case when the there is a serious power crises and if the platform is given to these supposedly elite and powerful men in the country they use it rather to point fingers at each other rather than critically thinking to help solve the problem.

During the early days of President Mills there was this much talk on Radio and TV about his incompetency but he did so well and brought about the single digit inflation. This became the order of the day and as such it was used to critically criticize the oppositions. Due to the high level of illiteracy everyone cheers on not knowing this was going to be the doom of the country.

Inflation i know to the the rate the level of price of goods and services keep rising or the purchasing power of a currency. In view of this i think when there is the talk of a single digit inflation it must be felt in a way that the people in the country will be able to purchase goods and commodities at lower prices. So when there was much talk about the single digit inflation there should have been no complaint and as such as citizens we should have been able to buy more and cheaper prises but that wasn’t the case. So therefore the question is were they throwing dust in our eyes intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally in the sense that they see us to be ignorant illiterates who can be easily manipulated or unintentionally in the sense that they are as block headed as the general populace.

Ok so i come back to my point if these people boasted about using the new currency to attain a single digit inflation then why do they now come out with their big bellies trying to say that the sudden fall of the Ghana cedi is as a result of President Kuffour’s introduction of the new currency. Did they attribute the fall of inflation to him? Please lets all wise up this is the 21st century so lets all tell the truth or better still lie a very holy lie.

My politicians lets all do the right thing and stop been block headed. We all know you guys are there to chop wonna money but still do what you are supposed to do. #NoMoreSweetTalk


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