It sometimes is disheartening how people tend to turn blind eye on certain issues that surround them. Not that they are pleased but that they luck the courage to really come  out and take a stands to these things. We live in a country where we all think we are wise in our own way and can then dupe the general populace just with our influence or knowledge. Taking a critical look at what is actually happening in this country of ours we tend to see that whenever people are displeased with something then innocent people must suffer. Initially i also wanted to just watch and not seem to care about whatever is happening. Someone might ask even if you write about it what result will come out of it anyway? But i have my perception that inciting the people to all come together to actually question our authorities on how they are running their country is what er actually need. This will tell them that er are know longer ignorant, afraid and timid anymore but rather we are a people with an agenda and we seek to make sure such things come to past.

Here we are and almost at the beginning of every academic year we have our lecturers going to strike. Strike has now been the only tool that the government of Ghana over the years have adopted to be the only communication tool that they really understand. In spite of numerous warnings made by these persons to the government to come to an agreement so that strike or any sort of demonstration won’t happen the authorities in charge will turn a blind eye each time. Is this what we want as a people?

Doctors are on strike just because some persons who think they are wise enough turned down their proposal for having a dialogue over and over again. Do you think if these people in authority had made time to come to an agreement with the doctors this strike would have happened? Also how can an employer tell his employee to write down their own conditions of service for approval. Ok say i was your employer and i told you to write your conditions for approval what will you write? No normal person will just write that he or she would want GHS 100.00. This is because no matter what this same GHS 100.00 will still be seen as too much and will be reduced so as normal as it is you will have to overstate them so that when not all is given you will still have enough. So please our honorable people in authority please do well to control the situation because its really bad and i almost cried listening to the news

Erm also our workers i beg to be corrected but don’t we really have other alternative but to out rightly laid down our tools at the expense of the the people and defenseless in the country. Well i don’t know much but i know that even our culture that some people say to be archaic never agrees to this so how then are we behaving as in-humans. Please ‘nipa nua ni nipa’ so please reconsider your stance wai. But thank you for the bold step you’ve taken. K.A.


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