11214098_841628942586597_716414144368938382_nIn view of the fact that girl child education in Ghana is very low although females forms a larger proportion of the populace,some individuals such as Ms Elizabeth Akua Nyarko Patterson and her team has taken to herself the responsibility of taking care of brilliant but needy girls in the country. She currently has 13 students under her canopy. Forming the Girl Education Initiative Ghana (GEIG) has really helped some of these girls with some basic educational materials needed in their school.

Summer schools are also organised for the children in order to keep them learning although they are on vacations. This year’s summer school at Lancaster University, Ghana which i happen to be a part of is going so well. The kids are pretty much enjoying every bit of it.

Without been overly praising i thing if every kid in Ghana in exposed to school teaching and learning environment then i think this country will in the near future be a great one.

lets all support this movement and be happy in the future if our children are reaping the benefits.


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