Black History pt1

Do the black have any history? If yes, do ‘we’ (blacks) in history have any sense of responsibilities? These are questions are ask myself always whenever we tend to act as if we are dump. This doubt reached its highest peak during my teen years resulting in me doubting our abilities and capabilities.

But with my study of History and Archaeology and Theater Arts I have come to the realization that we do have a proud and strong history it is just out of ignorance and arrogance that is causing our waywardness as a people. History has its own concept as to where Africans came from. Most of the times Historians tend to diminish the image of Africans as to our beginnings and civilizations. Everything in African is one way or the other connected to countries outside the continent. It is most often irritating how these so called scholars tend to trample on our heritage.

In theater Arts also Africans are been sidelined on the basis that drama is said to have been induced in Africa from Europe. Wow! what a tragedy. This is amazing right? Don’t worry even some African scholars who say they are educated second this notion. It is Appalling to have these persons been called scholars. I say this because they do no earn whatever titled they claim to have. How can you claim to be a Scholar in the art and not know  the origin of the art.

Some Archaeologists also ridicule the history of the African. They tend to manipulate their research to suit their own personal gains and lieu people into believing that the black has no proper history.

Black Scholars who also go with this notion are those who have lost heir identity and really need helps finding them. This is because no person will sell their own heritage not for the riches of the world.

The next editions of this will delve much deeper into the notion taking each of the named discipline.



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